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3DS Max: Ferrari F550 Render

Posted: April 02, 2011
Hi everyone

I am new here, i have a render of the ferrari f550 im modeling at the mo. I didn't know where to post this but i have a problem i hope you can help me out with.

If you check out the render, i have circled areas in which have strange shadows where there shouldnt be any.

I think its something to do with the polys that are very close together e.g. the door seam, plus rendering using Mental Ray.

Help with this would be greatly appreciated, as its ruining a near finished model.



Ferrari F550 shadow problem.jpg
Posted: April 03, 2011
Could you do a wire frame render close-up to one of the problem areas, it could be some miss aligned vertices
Posted: April 04, 2011
Or some vertices have to be removed or weld. Wireframe would be helpful Smile
Posted: January 19, 2012
Make it more clear and get it on good pixels . . . . .
Posted: January 24, 2012
please get it on good pixels which would help it more clear
Posted: March 01, 2012
3d artist gallery russp518
I had the same issue with my Pontiac vehicle model (just posted). I had to separate the small trim pieces from the flat body surfaces so the normals lit correctly. This is the exact result you're getting right around the door. The "shadow" you have circled over the wheel-well actually looks like an accurate reflection and doesn't look bad in my opinion. But, the hood and around the headlight does look like a normals issue.