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Converting a model

Posted: March 31, 2011

i am working on a small project which deals with the chinese period
of the time of the warring states. It works everything quite well, but now
I have a problem which I am unable to solve by my own.

For this project, I need a Model of a terracotta warrior, built by the qin people AND it should be for free. I found nearly nothing in the web, just this ones
as a .max file.



<- Sorry, first post. Am not able to post urls. Dots are missing

1. I do not own 3d studio max, if someone would be so kind and convert it for me to .3ds, I would try to retaliate (I am no 3d artist )

2. If someone would help me, could you check the polys of the model? Is it
possible to use it in real time rendering mode with a regular computer? If not, is it possible to reduce the polys?

3. Of corse I would also be happy, if someone simply would send me a link to a free, in real time usable model of a terracotta warrior. I prefer .3ds! Please no .max files!

Sorry for possible mistakes - i am no native speaker

Posted: April 01, 2011
I can help you with this simple converting. Give me your e-mail or something so I can contact you about it.
Posted: April 07, 2011
Thanks a lot for your help! Thats why I love the internet Wink

I cannot send you a pm, so my email is:

Posted: August 25, 2011
[quote="HenryChinasky"]Thanks a lot for your help! Thats why I love the internet Wink

If you need other free models then do a search for Turbosquid they have tons of free models to download. You'd have to signup for a free account, but once signed up you'd have full access to all of the models they host