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3D modeller for MMORPG

Posted: March 31, 2011
Not a company yet. is looking for 3D modeller for MMORPG

Starting Date: As soon as possible., duration - As long as you like

Job details: I am looking for someone to do the modelling for my MMORPG because I can program in c++ but I can\\\'t do 3D modelling. I have started planning the game but before I start creating it I need a 3D modeller to start modelling the graphics. It will start of as a free game but if it becomes popular enough it will be commercialised and you will receive a share of the profit.

Requirements: It would be useful if you can design textures and GUIs to.

Location: It will be all done on-line.

Contact info:
email - sharksaw40@gmail.com
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