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Tongal / Brisk® $25,000 Ad Campaign

Posted: March 30, 2011
Brisk® is known for two things – iced tea and incredible animation featuring the likenesses of everyone from Eminem to Ozzy Osbourne. Embracing their love of all things animated, Brisk® is looking for short (30-60 second) animated videos of events happening at an “Extremely Brisk” pace. Submissions can revolve around any topic, for example, animations could be "Brisker" retellings of famous stories, historical events, or any other agonizingly slow moving situations that deserve a shot of "Briskness." Also, animations can be any style of your choosing – whether it’s hand-drawn, mixed live-action, 3D, or even the iconic stop-motion claymation found in traditional Brisk® ads. All work will be reviewed by the Brisk® brand team who will purchase the five best animations.

We built Tongal to democratize the creation of content and bring opportunity all of the talented individuals on the outside looking in. We are not a typical “contest” and/or “crowdsourcing” site and make every effort possible to not be exploitative, to listen and to continually improve.

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