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RENDERNOW - New render farm beating all competitor prices!

Posted: March 28, 2011
Jordan 3D Animation
Hey guys, im kinda new here my colleagues usually post here, pretty much they said i should give this renderfarm credit where credits due.
When recently doing a project on Vray this farm undercut our lowest quote from rebus by almost 2000 on a 600 frame architectural project.

I mean anyone that is organised and knows there deadlines,could save themselves some serious money by getting in touch with these guys.
I personally spoke to another jordan :L there software and hardware guy, who was happy to help with everything.

so yeah google rendernow they will beat pretty much any quote you get HEAVILY!

I'll definetly be using them again, hope some of you guys give them a look as well, thought they at least deserved a call out in a post Smile
Posted: March 28, 2011
Thanks for info. Good to know such things. It's slower than REBUS but for this price it's definately worth trying Smile