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UVW Mapping Problems

Posted: March 28, 2011
I have this character with an odd UVW problem I would like to solve.

First off my character was modeled and unwrapped fine. Then I decided to add a belt to him, so I modeled that up unwrapped it. I collapsed the mapping on both mesh's and attached the belt to the bodies model. Unwrapping the body again everything seemed to work properly but the belt mesh doesn't seem to pick up on the UVW's right while the body is fine.

Now I have tried:
Flipping the polys.
Making the texture 2 sided
Reloading the texture
Reloading the UVW
Redoing the belts UVW while attached to the bodies mesh
Applying the texture to just the belts polys, the full bodies poly's selected, and the full mesh.

Nothing seems to work please help!

I would post images but apparently I'm not allowed.
Posted: August 14, 2011
3d artist gallery creador32
Try, add a separete texture to the belt with using the tool element to select the all belt, then atach ones again the belt to the 3d model.