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Shax online looking for programmers and modellers

Posted: March 20, 2011
Hello, 3DMD! I am Nate Fries, the server and network programmer for Shax Online, a fantasy-themed online brawler.

Unlike MMOs, Shax will not be free-roaming and the main source of gameplay will not be PvE. From a centralized lobby, players are able to join other players in matches (PvP) or on missions (PvE); both of which take place in pre-crafted levels. Shax attempts to break the MORPG paradigm of endless grime by engaging players in epic real-time battles where strategy and skill mean more than stats.

Shax will be free to play, but will offer some exclusive things in exchange for real money to help and cover the costs.

We are currently looking for programmers familiar with advanced 3D programming concepts and capable 3D modelers.

The game does not have a budget (that is to say, there is no financial backing -- once it comes time for release, hosting costs will come out of my pocket).

Please reply here, contact me by PM, or email me if you are interested in assisting.