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Posted: February 25, 2011
It's nice to meet you, I am Melinda, the marketing assistant at Blackbow Software Co., lt, we provide 3D game arts service to the global game industry.We've finished several great projects in PC&Video Game(XBOX360),I believe you can greatly cut your cost&time just by giving us a chance to cooperate.

You can find our works on our website.Smile

North American area: Thanhda.Tie(thanhda[at]digitalshock[.]net)


We provide:
LowPoly/HighRes Characters modeling,texturing,rigging,
Environments modeling,texturing,normalmapping
Objects/Props modeling,texturing,normalmapping

Main projects which published:
Name: The Golden Compass
Publisher : Sega Developed by: Shiny
Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, PSP, PC
We've done 16 character with LODs and 72 props with LODs for this project.

Name: Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties
Publisher : MicroSoft
Developed by: BigHugeGames
Platforms: PC
We've done hundreds characters and units for this project.

Name:Age of Element
Publisher : Canceled
Developed by: Shiny
Platforms: PSP
We've done 6 characters for this project.

Name:Sovereign Symphony
Publisher : Not decided
Developed by: CEIDOT Studios
Platforms: PC
We've done all the art side,including 20 character and their over 200 movements,hundreds props,levels.

Awaiting your early reply, thanks!

If you are intrested in our service,please contact Thanhda.Tie(thanhda[at]digitalshock[.]net), if you located in North American area,
Or if you located in any other area, please contact Melinda[at]blackbowsoft[.]com.

Best regards,

Marketing Assistant

BlackBow Software., Ltd