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Character Emotion

Posted: January 31, 2011
hi everyone!

I'm currently half way through completing my 4th year studying computer arts, and within my honours project. The aim of my project is to focus on facial emotion within an animation. I want to create an anti bullying campaign within a narrative where you see the main effects of bullying within a character, and see the stages of boy, man, and old man. (inflenced by Pixar's UP) The advertisement message is aimed just as much at the bully, than the victim. I think this forum would be a good place to create a series of threads to gain general feedback on the research that will go along with my main project Idea.

Do you think Visual style contributes to how emotion is portrayed, or is it the character design itself?

Can you think of film examples where the emotion from characters could of been portayed better?
why do you think this is?

If there is any interest, I have a blog I can post which will explain more about my project.

Any feedback would be much appreciated!