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Normal mapping problem 3DS Max **UPDATE** problem solved!!!

Posted: January 24, 2011
Hi all I'm having this problem in Max when i'm using the projection modifier to create a normal map. The problem is with the two highlighted areas mainly. normally the problem with these red areas is that the projection cage needs to be pushed out more but this doesn't make a difference- no matter how big i make it these areas still don't get rendered properly. What ends up happening is that the normal map looks like it is distorted and has a lot of noise on it.

I have tried increasing the push on the cage from inside the projection modifier rollout and even exporting the cage and putting a push modifier on the particular elements where the problem occurs. I've changed some of the render settings and render size and tried changing smoothing groups on the cage, high poly model and low poly model but so far nothing has worked. And these areas are definitely included in the projection modifier pick list.

I just cant figure this out because the area is a pretty simple shape and it just shouldn't be happening. Anyway any help would be very much appreciated because if i can't get this sorted my whole model is pretty much ruined!!!

Posted: January 25, 2011
Well it turns out that the high poly objects I had a problem with were all grouped together! Anyway sorted now...