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Nebula Vasa MMO – Looking for Concept Artists & 3D Model

Posted: January 24, 2011
We have recently made a commercial decision to move into game development and are looking for motivated individuals who wish to help add content and functionality to the game – “Nebula Vasa”.

Our approach is somewhat different to normal development methods as we are using an Open Content Development Model (OCDM), whereby we will be listing every individual work item through a community development website.

Members can request to work on any item ranging from simple icons, music, complex and simple 3D models, to core C++ programming modules. For each completed work item we will pay every contributor and will also pay royalties from the revenue generated from the finished game.

Visit the Nebula Vasa game site to find out more. Sign up, and be part of a growing team and help make the game a reality.

Nebula Vasa Team