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Vigilant Addiction Studios - Recruiting Various Positions

Posted: January 17, 2011
-:- Vigilant Addiction Studios -:-

We are an Upstart Gaming Studio that will be based out of Houston, TX - There is a 100% chance that you will be required to work, in office, here in Houston in the future. Travel/Move assistance possible.

This position is *without pay* at this time and we are on a, passionate, volunteer basis. Salary *will be filled* for this position and the entire studio at the time of securing investment.

The current project is being used with the Unreal 3 Engine (UDK). Experience with the UDK is certainly a plus. Specializing/knowing Maya, ZBrush and/or 3ds Max is a good start.

Current Interests:

3D Object Modeling
3D Environmental Modeling
3D Character Modeling
Spell/Particle Effects and Animation
Level Creation and Design
3D Character Rigging and Animation Specialists
CG Artists
Character, Fashion and Environment Concept Artists
Experienced Programmer

*Please note that some positions might be more heavily needed than others.

The position(s) is great for recent Grads that need either need their foot in the door or those that are currently out of a job and looking for future expectations. Perhaps you are already in the gaming industry and would like to take up a leadership role in your field. Come join Vigilant Addiction Studios and earn your role during the building process.

Once investment is finalized; Vigilant Addiction Studios will be on a 5 to 10 year project releasing multiple Video Games across all consoles.

If you want to break into the Gaming Industry this would be an excellent chance to join a Gaming Company that is just starting and securing its founding team.

We would also like to add that the Studio currently has about 24 members all working towards a common goal of securing $-$$$ in funding for the first year.

Originally the Studio was to be capped at a workforce of 25 but we have been lucky enough to find people with the talent, skill, and desire to move forward on our game/project.

VAS already has a number of investors on the hook and we are at a stage of providing them a demo of our project to secure funding.

Please have a website available or communicate that you can upload/send examples of your work and/or at least a resume.