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Grad Student Needs Lap Top Advice

Posted: January 06, 2011
Hi all:

I'm starting a graduate program in animation this year, and I'm looking into buying a lap top so I can do some of my work at home. I hope to specialize in Autodesk programs like Maya...and I'm transitioning from a MAC. I would really appreciate some affordable recommendations and/or tips to consider before I invest in a computer. I'd like to get a lap top and I was also thinking about getting the student version of Maya. Preferences (Dells vs. Hewlett Packard, websites, etc.) are also appreciated!

Thank you for your help!
Posted: January 21, 2011

I am a vfx artist/motion graphic designer/ 3D animator..

I suggest u to go for a desktop besides laptop coz when we work on multimedia application we almost many time needs to upgrade out system like CS4 and CS5 diffirence..CS5 came for 64 bit.. And if u had laptop or those who had laptop..they cant use after effect and premiere pro CS5 coz they had 32bit Laptop and its nt easy to every one for buy new laptop like buying candy!

U should buy an 8 core mother board and most of ram 2GB graphic card and a huge storage HDD..

And if u like laptop for going to show presantation to client or going on holidays.
Suggesting u a tiny notebook laptop..it will be stylish and cheaper too..

I hav
inter i7 core with 3.3GHz speed
8GB ram
2GB vRam(graphic card)
500GB HDD (X2)
an externel HDD OF 1 TETRABYTE(stored backup)
an small notebook
intel pantinm 2.0 ghz..

Posted: January 27, 2011
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