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Maya 2011 with backburner issue

Posted: January 05, 2011
Hi All,

Am having issues with maya 2011 with backburner 2008.1.3 (uninstalled 2011 as it gave lots of errors while rendering with 3ds max and maya)
The render slave nodes picks the jobs , while one of the slaves renders the job , the other starts to throw errors,, but if we hit the refresh tab in Backburner - monitor, The slaves starts to render a few frames and then throws the errors again.

While Maya 2011 throws errors the, same backburner renders very well with 3ds max 2011, 3ds max 2010 and maya 2010- on the same machine setup that i have got.

Please find below the render setup :

1) I have 3 workstations , with mix win os platform... 2 works with win 7, while 1 works on win xp.

2) The master machine which runs on win 7- i started the backburner - manager

3) The other 2 machines i ran the backburner - server. The server successfully connects to the manager.

4) I have created a shared folder, which can be accessed across the network, its got the read/write permissions.

5) I created a simple maya test file, which has a few poly primitives, with blinn shader and the renderer i used is maya software.

6) The maya file is saved on network path , i.e \\machinename\shared folder\file name

7) The output path in maya.. i.e - File - Project- New, is also setup using network path.

Cool In render - create backburner job-- the manager name is set to the master machine name -- and then click -- Submit Job

9) In the backburner - monitor- i can see the slaves have picked the job, but as soon as the rendering starts, one of the nodes throws errors while the other starts to render fine, if i click on the refresh tab in the backburner- monitor, it starts to render a few frames before throwing more errors. I have tested the files few times, either one of the nodes (xp or win 7), starts to throw the errors.

10) The errors usually are unc path errors , while i have given all network paths and the same folders and machines renders files on 3ds max 2010 and 2011...

I also get errors like ,, "job cannot be added to work group",, Maya exited with status 209 / 210' , sometimes its "maya exited with status 1" -- unable to figure why these erros occur..

I have got a deadline and have not been able to crack this issue...

Any help would be much appreciated...