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Fun Spike Games Seeks 3D Artists & Programmers for Chari

Posted: December 28, 2010
Hello, below you will find details regarding our charitable game development project, TippleTop which is a family friendly action puzzle game.

Company Name
Fun Spike Games

Project Name

TippleTop is a family friendly, transparent game development project with the goal building a fun community for Fun Spike Games, seeing a portion of the proceeds going towards the children’s charity, The DreamHappy Foundation and generally having fun.

TippleTop puts the player controls a spheroid character in both the 3rd and 1st person perspective. In the center of each 3D stage is an area called the Stack Pad. Various 3D shapes fall from the sky and the player gathers these shapes using their energy powers. The player may manipulate the objects and stack them on the stack pad. The player gains points as the stack gains altitude. The player also has the ability to fly which allows them to grow their stack to very high altitudes.

Challenges occur as the player attempts to balance their stack while defending their stack from monsters called Tippers. The player may defend their stack using their ability to manipulate energy to push away the enemies. After enough pushing the monsters give up, run away or fall over.

Project Status
As of Dec. 28th we have our enemy AI working. We have one stage completed and three in production. Development is going well but we need more talented artists and programmers.

Target Aim
We would like for this title to be pay to download. We are also in talks regarding retail versions.

No one is being paid during the development of this project. Full professional credit and references will be given to those who show commitment to the project. This is a great chance for students and people early in their career as well as veterans.

Target Systems: PC and we are working towards other platforms.
Engine: c++ based, very easy to dive into and go.

Who We Need
Jr. c++ Programmer
3D Modelers (Maya or 3dsMax, 3DsMax preferred, 08+ versions)
Particle Effects Designer

Our Website
Who We Need Webpage: funspike . com/tippletop/who-we-need/
TippleTop Webpage: funspike . com/tippletop/
Dev Blog: funspike . com/category/dev-blog/
Media Page: funspike . com/tippletop/media/

Contact Information
Email us at: contact @ funspike . com
Or use this form: funspike . com/about/contact-us/