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Materials saving problem ?

Posted: December 25, 2010
I'm sure this question has been asked before but I've searched and I have yet to find the answer. Im

working on a group project in Max 2011 and I need to save out the material library I've made so i can

share it with my group. I've figured out how to save the actual file and import it back in and it works

fine for procedural materials but it breaks on materials with bitmaps because of differences in file

structure. So I'm wondering, is there way to embed the textures into the .mat file, or is there another

way to get by the file structure problem?
Posted: July 28, 2011
Posted: July 29, 2011
It's because of paths differences probabely. You all have to have the same path to project textures.
Posted: July 30, 2011
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