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3d modeller/animators for game needed!

Posted: December 15, 2010
Hello, I'm looking for a couple 3d Modellers and animators for a game in development. As a member of the team, you would receive a developer login to the game engine. The game engine allows up to 25 people in real time to develop the game (It's called Hero Engine). The game is going to be a massive multiplayer, first/third person shooter; utilizing real time strategy elements. If you have skills/can model vehicles, characters, buildings, or any in-game objects, you are welcome to join the team.

If you can animate, you are welcome as well. We have someone who can do a bit of animation, but someone dedicated to doing animation would be very helpful, for things like character movements, and maybe small bits for buildings. This is a non-paid job INITIALLY, with royalties dispersed upon release of game. You will, of course receive credit from your work, and will be a part of a VERY unique game title. The game will be released on the PC to start out, with adaption to Xbox and PS3 versions to follow in suit. The game caters to more than one specific gameplay style, allowing a diverse population of players to co-mingle as a team, and still have a fun, different experience. We have access to free advertising/articles of our game on numerous websites with over 150,000 users each.

We are serious about working on this game. We believe with our resources, we will be extremely successful. While it is free to start out with, you will receive pay from royalties, and credited for your work. We're investing our own money and time into this, and with your work as a contribution, you will together, along with us, receive pay in the future. We already have a team created for a while now, it's just the 3d modellers/animators we are in lack of. Through contacting me, you will receive more details on the game.

If interested, you may reply to this thread, but please contact me at the following info:

Thank you all for your time and consideration.