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Looking for someone to do a 3d flyby of golf course terrain

Posted: December 14, 2010
1cyprus property is looking for Looking for someone to do a 3d flyby of golf course terrain

Job details: Hi,i am looking for someone to do a 1 minute 3d flyby with overlaid terrain of a golf course to be incorporated into a 3 minute property video that will be viewed by some high profile investors and world press(forbes etc) as it will accompany a press release in the new year.i have an example to show.Unfortunately we have used all our resources on this project and the only thing that i can offer in return at the moment is heaps of publicity for the person involved (credits on the video,links on our website partner page,plenty of attention from golf course designers such as gary player and jack nicklaus and future paid work with ourselves - and of course a great project for
your portfolio) Thanks for looking !

Location: UK

Contact info:
email - sheppardadam@hotmail.com
web site - www.1cyprusproperty.com
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Posted: July 22, 2011
Just wondering if you are still looking for somebody?