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I Need help in selecting hardwares..

Posted: December 11, 2010
Maybe i will sound u so amture bt i am nt problem is with me that i am srounded by some jerk hardware eng..and even shoopkeepers they dont know what is animation and video editing and 3D animation..and some of them knows..bt only name..

Now i wanna know what i should buy coz i work with..
3ds max
after effect
cinema 4
Premiere pro

now tell me what i should buy which..
video card,
Graphic card,
Sound card,
Motherbord type,

Currently i have ..
Intel pantinium dual core,
1 GB Ram,
500GB HDD,
Mercury MotherBoard.
No gfx card nor vid card.
Posted: December 12, 2010
3d artist gallery S. Silard
-If you want make more detailed model then you need more Ram . (The best is 24 GB )

-If you want render your images more faster , than you need better processor Around 3.2 Ghz/Core with 4 Core , but 8 core is better .And of course 64 bit .

-If you want faster viewport , you need better graphic card with more vRam . So with 2GB vRam , and you should use crossfire .

I hope that informations is useful . But I can send for you more precisely if you want .
Posted: December 13, 2010
[quote="S. Silard"]-hey thanks a lot..

Yes surely i wanna know in detail ..
Actually m planing to set up my own freelancing studio so i need batter hardware workspace..
Bt coz m starting so i will look to the prices too!

:- m specialized in visual effect video editing and 3d level designing,Mograph,paint brush effect...

:- i use all the adobe product i also use 3ds max, maya & cinema 4D..

I work for sm HD and SD both kinda project..

I wanna go in depth of how can start a well good workspace..

And what's vRam..do u mean by video card?
Sorry i could'nt understand..
And plz Give me detail..

RAM? 24GB is nice..(u know smthin funny when ask to a shopkeeper. ''do u have 24GB ram i need that..'' for a sec his mouth wz widly open and he said i thought 8GB is maximum amount of ram i will ever hear)


& anything els..
Plz help..
Posted: February 10, 2011
hey plz send me more in detail!
Posted: June 18, 2011

I found that a member asked same question in this forum some months ago.

Pls use search box to find this questions with comments
Posted: July 12, 2011
I actually had the same dilemma about a week ago with which processor to go with, knowing that there are a lot of good ones in the market. Of course, if you want to stay safe, I would suggest that you get an intel core i7. I think there were 3 on that line with not much difference to boot. I got the 2600S and it has 4 cores with a maximum of 8 threads. Clocked at 2.8ghz, it can go as fast as 3.8 with the turbo boost.
Posted: July 12, 2011
RAM - you tamke as many as possible.
Processor - you tak as powerful as possible.
Graphic card... Here I have a dilema because I heard that some new graphic cards may cause viewport working worse than older ones.