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Request for "Bit" from a non-modeller

Posted: December 06, 2010
I'd like to know if anyone could make an animated Bit (the little Bit from the movie Tron, you know the one who says "Yes" and "No" while morphing).

I really don't know anything about 3D animations and modelling and I don't even know if you guys can make something animated like that, but I'd really really appreciate it!

And if you can't, I'd appreciate it if you told me who to ask, or where to go.

The very best you could do would be to make that little Bit into a desktop gadget that would fly around and say "Yes" or "No" sometimes, but I wouldn't ask that much from you.
Posted: December 07, 2010
I'm sure that someone from this forum can do it. I could do it myself if I wouldn't be so overloaded with work for now.
Posted: December 07, 2010
Okay, well at least thanks for responding.
I hope your work overload gets solved soon Wink
Posted: December 09, 2010
I know it seems pushy to be asking for something like this, but I would be extremely grateful if somebody could make this for me!!