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Model renders black after placing light

Posted: November 20, 2010
Hi there

I have a bizzare problem with lights.Ive been modeling my character in Max 7 then jumped to Max 8 and then to Max 2011. After I finished the base model I textured it, it rendered fine under default lighting.
Then I went to ZBrush and did some minor sculpting around the head and arms so I could bake high resolution detail onto my model.
Exported, baked everything on and still renders fine under default lighting,bums,shine shows up, but when I place a light in the scene my model freaks out! He used to come out all black no matter what if there is a light in the scene, now the head renders with texture but doesnt look like its reacting to the light!The rest of the body is still black.Changing light intensity di not help,even a stadium preset light did not lid my character,well actually if i placed it righ next to him there was a very dim color on him,but thats it,the rest was black like a 2D black image.
I know very little about lighting and rendering settings in max, could I simply screwed up some settings when jumping to newer versions of max or when rendering to texture/baking normals with mental ray? I used mental ray no gi.Is there a way to just reset the lighting settings to default?

I have no idea whats going on with this. I really need someone to tell me how to fix this,its kinda reaching to the point where I cannot progress because I cant see the final result.
I also tried exporting and importing to new file,but then all my textures are gone and when I put them back on in material editor and press show in viewport they dont come up,it stays gray in viewport and render.

I am not allowed to place urls so probably no way of showing you guys whats going on.

Thank you