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3d Modeler and Animator for MMO

Posted: November 11, 2010
Azareal Online is looking for 3d Modeler and Animator for MMO

Starting Date: ASAP, duration - Long-Term, however long you can do the job

Job details: We are looking for a/some 3D model(ers) and animator(s) for the MMO that we have a team of 4 (currently) on, Azareal Online. You will be doing a lot of graphics and animating, the more people we have to collaborate with the better it will be.

There is currently no compensation, but as soon as we get our full website and advertising up, there will be some, though I can\'t tell you how much (because we don\'t know).

Requirements: We are looking for somebody decently experienced that knows what they\'re going. You also have to be able to render the models in .egg format.

Location: Wherever, we normally communicate through email and our forum. This is an at-home job.

Contact info:
email - azarealonl@gmail.com
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