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Question / Request

Posted: November 04, 2010
CG forums guest
Hey guys.

I am working on a presentation that I am going to make to my colleagues here at work later on this year. It's about hardware and software / operating systems. I had this notion of trying to find a way to show them exploded views of a CPU. My problem is I can only find crappy images.

I was wondering if anyone has / knows where I might find a Inventor (preferably) 3D model that I can rotate and explode, part by part. Not the entire thing of course. Only Floppy, Optical, PSU, Processor, RAM, Graphics, Motherboard, HDD... The generic components that go into a CPU case.

I know it's a tall order, but this would really make the difference in my presentation. Please note that although I am presenting this at work, I am not getting paid to do so. We have to do these presentations once a year as part of our "team spirit / bonding" sessions and whatnot so I'd reaaaaalllly prefere if the model was free of charge.

Thanks and sorry for the lengthy post!