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Fantasy cRPG project looking for 3D artists

Posted: October 24, 2010
Hello and good day to everyone!

I come here looking for artists to join our development team. Few words about the project:

We are aiming to create a plot-driven fantasy game with more in-depth interactions and less flashy effects alike those from the good old days - Baldur's Gate is my inspiration forever.
We wish to give player a sense of freedom of choice and freedom of gameplay. It shall be up to them, how will they choose to play the game. We will offer variety of in-party NPCs, subquests and plot paths, each of them different yet none discriminating. I like the motive of shades of gray, where to play a righteous paladin or purely evil destroyer of everything holy may become tricky, regardless of intentions.
It is an ambitious project and the game looks like it will build up to become a real big thing, and so I've decided to only take on the first chapter of the project and see how we can manage with that, not burying ourselves under a massive amount of, at time tedious, challenge - overwhelming and disheartening to the team.

This project, as of now, is a purely amateur enterprise and for us it's a place to show our skills and potential. What we can offer are detailed credits that could be a proof of skill, and possibly an entry to the future portfolio of every team member (:

Who are we looking for:

We are in need of artists of various kind, priority are 3D modellers and animators. Since the project is moving really fast, the graphical designers of our team simply cannot keep up with the programmers and music Razz

There is all kind of things to do for 3D artists: from outside flora, furniture, architecture, various elements of the world to creatures and characters, so if you like particular thing more than the other, you could easily take care of just that.

For the sake of speeding things up, 2D artists capable of doing textures, loading screens and the like are also welcome!


We have a full programming team, a webmaster, a musician. We have a mathematic-geek who is doing the game's system calculations and balance. We have an architect, who should start delivering buldings projects. We have potential writers, and tool to write dialogues in incoming.

I myself am the leader of the project, right now I also take care of the main plot and graphic design of the game. Should that be a must, I will be trying to fill in the blanks in any other missing department, aside of programming that I don't have requisite knowledge for.


The game's action is set in a fantasy world, but a bit derailing from your regular "fireballz r flyin'!" setting; the magic is present, but does not resolve everything.

The plot: I'm not going to put any spoilers here. Generally the plot is not based on saving the world and is more focused on player's character and other people they meet on their way (and will be able to influence during their journey). The plot is pretty complex, and divides into three (four, depends how you look at it) paths that will interwine, but stay separate and lead to different endings. Taking place on a specific isle, the story will also revolve a bit around the events and situation of Aharra, and possibly allow the player to delve deeper into the local politics.

We plan on having abundance of dialogue, yet making most of it optional, to give players interested in the lore and stories something to feel and indulge in, and those interested in faster progress and tactical challenges with plot in the background something that would suit them.

As for the actual development part, we will be having an extensive marketing campaign starting up soon. It will be an interactive fun part of the development process that will hopefully catch the attention of our fellow players and be an amusing experience for the team as well.

I would post a few examples of what we have done already, but the forums won't let me, so if you will wish to see this or that, I will show it to you privately Rolling Eyes


If you're interested in joining our team, please e-mail me at red.nightshade[at]gmail[dot]com, best with some samples of your previous work. Also feel free to ask any questions you may have!