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Fokker SA-183 TPe WIP and Smoothing Question

Posted: September 26, 2010
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Hello everybody, I'm brand new to the forum and this is my first post. This seems like a very cool community and I hope I can learn a lot from the artists and contributors to this forum. This is the first plane of a project I've been working on for a while. It is in its very early stages and has not seen a decent texture or render yet so please be gentle lol. Sorry for the long length but I wanted to make myself as clear as possible and describe the specs to not confuse anyone.

This flight project is meant to be based the future and the planes I am modeling are completely fictitious. My goal is to take planes (among other military forces; ground, sea, base, etc.) from all points in modern warfare and 'future-ize' them to be based from a time far from now to do battle. Once again this is based for fiction so I was more involved with creativity rather than actual logistics and aerodynamics.


This plane I designed is the Fokker SA-183 TPe. This model is a blend of the historic DR1 Triplane that was flown by the infamous Red Baron, and the F-86 Sabre Jet. Even though the jet powered upgrade gives this plane a substantial boost of power, its drag factor and inhibit its speed. A plus is the Quad aileron system provides extreme maneuvering. The TPe stands for "Tactical Practice Edition" and this plane is used to train rookie pilots and guard bases from ground and light air assault. It is equipped with Aim-120 Missiles, AGM-65 Mavericks, and MK20 Rockeye Bombs, and includes 2 external fuel tanks. The main gun is traded for 2 Duel barrel aerial heavy gauge shotguns, giving the plane the name 'Shotty Shogun'.
I also added some extra flare with a imaginary engine and exhausts to give the afterburner increased power.


I have and have some experience in the programs that I have listed in my 3D experience, but I am still very new to Lightwave 3D and Maya which I recently have gotten a copy of. I've used a lot of modelers and I feel the most comfortable with modeling in Milkshape. I'm trying to up my game to a higher polygons. I just downloaded blender to give it a shot, 3ds has way better primitives but I'm not a fan of the perspective views. I just got lightwave and find the same dilemma. The question is will modeling in milkshape forever hinder me and should I just direct my attention to the other modelers or live in low polyland forever? When I did a draft render in 3ds it seemed smooth or will those larger faces reek havoc on my textures later? Is there possibly a happy medium where exporting and smoothing later possible? I'll continue to work on it for the time being. Also 2 quick questions, to those out there, what are the best file formats I should be getting accustomed to? and 3ds/Maya vs. Ligthwave? Use wave the maya for effects?

I really appreciate the help you guys, Sorry for the long post, I promise to cut the length next time. Crits definately welcome. Peace! Surprised !

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Posted: October 31, 2010
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Here is the plane with most of the skinning done and rendered. I still have to skin the arms and tail but its almost completely done. I could always use a few tips so crits welcome thanks!
Posted: November 01, 2010
some answers to your questions.

3ds/maya vs lightwave: 3ds/maya !!!
the best file formats: OBJ no more than 12 MB
Posted: November 01, 2010
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Yeah I just over the past month got maya down and it f@*kin rocks. I made all my materials mental ray and rendered that last puppy with it. I find maya a big step from lightwave & 3Ds. Thanks for the response ArkayProductions Surprised
Posted: November 07, 2010
Cool plane, would love to animated and take it out on a test run!
Posted: November 08, 2010
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cinematicfusion wrote:
Cool plane, would love to animated and take it out on a test run!

Yeah Its just about done. I'm going to mock up 1 more plane, Clean up a base I was working on, a few pilots. and let a squadron go to town in a animation for my portfolio and game. Here it is at 90% just a few touch-ups and i'm going to post it in Finished Section. Glad to see there another Aviation Modeler out there! Cheers!

Fokker F-183 TPe 90% B.jpg