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Need 3D Modeler and Texture

Posted: September 25, 2010
Unknown Games is looking for Need 3D Modeler and Texture

Job details: Me and a friend of mine want to make a small game just for fun.If it is good then we are going to sell it and everyone gets his cut.We need a 3D Modeler with secondary level skills.Also we need a texturer ,we already have a SFX Designer/2D Artist and a programmer,but if someone want to help in programming his help will be welcome.
Our Website:

You can e-mail us at:
or you can fill in the contact form at the website.

Thank you everyone!

Requirements: You must know 3D Modeling or Texturing.

Location: Greece,Rhodes

Contact info:
email - danaos1996@gmail.com
web site - www.unknowngames.tk
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