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We call him Plushy.

Posted: September 24, 2010
My senior team is working on a short animation for DigiPen Institute of Technology. The short animation film is for a class we refer to as Projects. What you see is a work in progress of the "main character". The reason I put this in quotes is because he sorta is but really isn't, sorry I know confusing. Critiques and Suggestions are welcome.

Right now he is pretty blocky and that is due to me reducing the amount of polygons in Zbrush to export > import the .obj file for Maya to handle the poly count. When I am done sculpting Plush I will bring it into Topogun, unwrap it, then apply normal mapping. Textures will be completed by another artist in the Senior team.

Maya 2011
Zbrush 4.0

Posted: September 26, 2010
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I like how the dragon looks definitely like a plus. I Dig the stitching on the wings and I could only think he could maybe use some more to really give off the plush feel. I'm sure when your team maps and skins it it will be very cool.