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CGI Contest - steinzeit-HDR.de

Posted: September 21, 2010
What it is all about?
Regardless of whether you are a lone fighter or representing an agency we want your best. In the form of the most beautiful, creative, and impressive in short: the most convincing CGI.
There is only one condition: use one of the HDR packages (full-spherical HDR Panorama incl. 4 Backplates) provided on steinzeit-HDR.de to create your competing CGI entry.

What do I need to do?
Simply visit steinzeit-HDR.de/contest2010 and follow these easy steps

1. Register
2. Select your HDR package, download it and get started
3. Submit your results by 31. October 2010

What can I win?
As a contestant, you are already a winner: By submitting your competing CGI entry, you are given full rights to use your selected HDR-package for your own promotional activities at no charge!
In addition, the top three contestants will receive attractive prizes totalling over 5,000.00
For more details visit steinzeit-HDR.de

What is my deadline?
Latest submission date: 31. October 2010

All submitted entries will be reviewed and judged by an expert jury panel and published on steinzeit-HDR.de

Take the challenge and demonstrate your skills and creativity!

Good luck!