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Fun Spike Games Seeks 2D and 3D Artists for Charitable Game

Posted: September 19, 2010
We at Fun Spike Games are developing a charitable video game to raise awareness and bring funds to the children’s charity, the DreamHappy Foundation.

Please note the anti-spam filter will not allow us to post linked urls, for a better post, please review our official news post, here:

funspike . com/2010/09/17/fun-spike-games-seeks-2d-3d-artists-charitable-game/

At this time the charity is building a campaign to bring backpacks loaded with needed supplies to low-income families. Future campaigns include helping orphanages raise funds and gather needed items.

Game Information

This single player game, TippleTop, will introduce the character to 3D stages which they must stack objects and protect their stacks from being toppled.

We are still creating the basics and until that is finished we do not wish to release too much information as current details may change drastically while we are in the planning/early development stages. We plan on this project being very transparent to the public. This includes public, playable alphas for error reporting, concept art, development updates and forum.

To keep costs and development time very low, we are creating a simple 3D game, with simple models and great game mechanics.

What We Have

AAA game engine

Middle-ware packages

Website (The website is rough but we are working on it, the specific game web page and forums are being developed now)

Game design document

A few pieces of concept art.

A playable, pre-alpha, build.

Who We Need

Vector graphic art

“Cartoony” concept art

3D modelers – Note that the models needed will be rather simplistic, we are not seeking bipeds or any complex models.

3D generalists to help us continue to plan the project.


As this a charitable endeavor we can not promise any financial compensation at this point. We would like to set aside a percentage of the royalties to all who valued team members who greatly contribute. We will ensure our valued contributor name’s are proudly displayed on the website, in the game credits and that they are given a great text recommendation for future jobs.

Professional Time Needed

We would need a eight hours of your time each week, more if you can spare it.

Contact Information

If you would like to apply, have questions or comments, please email:


Please include your portfolio and how many hours, or assets, you believe you could contribute.

Additional Information

Current Concept Art


Who is involved so far?

Producer/Game Designer – William Weaver

Lead Software Engineer/Game Designer – A. Botorabi

Concept Artist – Erek Rabang

What have we developed in the past?

We developed Angela’s World which is a casual game for the iPhone, OSX and Windows.

The game has had good reviews and we are happy with the results. It looks very simple from the screen shots, however when you play it you will find an online database for high scores, achievements and a very fun, challenging game. Feel free to give it a try!

Sponsors, Partners and Other

The DreamHappy Foundation

“The DreamHappy Foundation develops and maintains campaigns that provide educational materials, toys and other items for families in need, Non-Profit Organizations (NPO), Children’s Health Organizations (CHO), orphanages and local communities.”

Unannounced Game Engine

xaitment AI solutions

xaitment offers the best artificial intelligence middle-ware solutions for today’s top games.

Hive Media

Hive Media is helping us with a few concept art pieces and graphic design.

TrueHit Designs

They will be helping us with web design in the coming weeks.

Thank you for viewing.
Posted: November 30, 2010
Our project continues at a good rate!

We are still in need of the following volunteers:

Jr. c++ Programmer
Content Writer
“Toony” Concept Artist
3D Modeler (Maya or 3dsMax, 3DsMax preferred, 08+ versions)
Particle Effects Designer
Motion Graphics Editor (Very little work, but is needed.)
Sound Effects Designer

You can read our latest development blog posts, here:

funspike . com /category/dev-blog/

Thank you to everyone who has helped thus far!