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All-in-One Touchscreen PC Systems

Posted: September 18, 2010
Rupert Bear

I want to replace my current PC and I have also been looking at Cintiq pads. Whilst I was looking at some of the more recent All-in-One PCs like the Acer Z5700, SONY Vaio J Series, MSI AE2260 and some of the newer HP systems I got to thinking that it might be possible to get a fair amount of the functionality of the Cintiq using a touch screen like the ones these PCs offer?

Does anybody have any insight into this? Would any of these All-in-Ones be good for this kind of work? The compact nature of these systems appealed to me (although I assume there is little or no upgradability) I'm on a tight budget so it seemed to kill 2 birds with one stone to some extent. I'm primarily looking at illustration/comic book work with maybe some light 3D & animation work.

Posted: September 20, 2010
I always build my machine by myself and I think it's the best way if you've got tight budget because it's easier to create powerful and low-energy as much as possible beast for a low price. Especially when you'll be playing with overclocking. I was looking for some all-in-one models but there was always something that I wouldn't like to have inside my PC.
It's easy to buy some crap that will need as much energy as cement mixer when there is ability to buy something more powerful and low-energy.
But that's all just my opinion Wink
Posted: November 24, 2010
Aye. I thought of that before too.

After comparisons of pen tablets, I bought the Wacom Bamboo Fun instead. For the lower price and good enough quality drawings. Was playing recently with the Bamboo Dock - Livebrush. Hop to google goo gl
cG1C0 if you like to see some simple sample works.

And i do find the All-IN-One PCs, though visually appealing, much more expensive than clones, and their screen are usually for touch click, not for drawing. Not to mention the resolution and supported softwares for this if you do find one.

The wacom silver Bamboo Fun looks and works well ~$200