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cemetary afterhours lighting need a suggestion ?

Posted: September 06, 2010
let me introduce myself my name is chetana, i'm a newbie in 3dforum.
i've modeled,textured and applied lighting in the cemetary scene in maya.
and i'm not convinced to get that afterhours look in the scene.in the scene
i've applied 2 directional lights in a X direction, 1 keylight & 1 fill light.with an intesity of 1.4 of main light source,color blue tint & raytraced shadows on,coz i'm having png image planes trees in the sceneand filllight 0.5 intensity and shadows off..and a bunch of candles resting on the tombstone.and i've taken 3 point lights which are snapped to the candles thread.and i've taken 1 png image plane of flame, which is rested on the top of the candle.and i've applied special affects intensity in the hypershade for flame.

but still there is some lacking in the scene, i cant help thinking what it might be .and i've tried to upload my source images but the following errors keep bugging me.

Upload Error: Could not upload Attachment to ./files/cam1_183.tif.

tried all formats,jpg,gig,tga,tif and all under kb,so is there any way that i can upload images for your reference.