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Time Involved In Project.. Business Tactics

Posted: August 24, 2010
Hey Guys.. First Poast.. Im a group leader For a US Based Global Corporation.. With am Aging Management Core. ( i can hear the groans already.. i feel you.)

My group and I have gotten to the point of semi-legitimacy, and we are about to make our (effectively) Worldwide Debut as the first Dedicated Animation and Simulation Dept in the Company (ever).. We have been asked To compile our greatest and latest .AVIs, and get a nice little presentation ready..

time is no problem.. we have plenty of content.. enough to pull out the good stuff and still hit like 8-12 minutes (i dont know if where going to get 6 minutes or 60)

Few questions to you Jedis out there..

1. display project duration for Ani in clip? Y/N And do we embellish to look like heros or err to consrevitive? (oh yea Bob, thats gonna take us liek two weeks, but if you want the bolts actually spinning? well thats another 5 months.)

2. Whatever else..

I am assuming there is at least one grizzled old timer that wishes he/she/it could do it again. I know to listen when Gs pull my coat. and like i said, where gonna slam dunk it anyway. so what do i do to break the backboard.

Please advise. Any help will be appreciated.