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Stuck between two computers!?

Posted: August 24, 2010
Hey everyone,

Ive been searching around and came across two computers, they are very similar but with slighlty different CPU's and graphics cards.

One computer has the Intel Core i5 650 CPU and NVIDIA GeForce GT 320 with PureVideoŽ HD graphics card.

The other has the Intel Core i5 750 CPU and NVIDIA GeForce GT220 with PureVideoŽ HD graphics card.

So basically its a choice bewteen better graphics card or CPU? which one should i choose?! The computer will mainly be used for photoshop, ilustrator, flash and most of all 3D Studio Max.

Thanks for any help
Posted: August 26, 2010
I suggest having the computer with the better graphics specifications. If the computer is intended mainly for 3D softwares and stuffs, so might as well have the best quality graphics output to enhance your work. Smile Choosing the better CPU might be less important at this point.
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