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New 3D Marketplace

Posted: August 17, 2010
For those of you who use iClone or who are interested in making a bit of money on the side, Reallusion is opening up a new marketplace called Reallusion City, where developers can essentially create their own store and sell their iClone content such as props, avatars, pre-set animations, etc. to others for use in their projects.

If you use another program, you can still import your stuff to iClone by using the program 3DXchange 4, which supports all of the industry-standard file formats. Reallusion City is in open beta right now, so you have to be a CCD (Certified Content Developer) to have your own store, which means that if you want to sell your content in the marketplace you have to have a content pack certified by the Reallusion staff first (kind of a quality assurance step). But once you get over that hurdle, you can publish all your stuff in your own personal store. Also, anyone can register to become a citizen and browse around.

Even if you’re just a casual modeler/artist/animator, you can still get involved if you’re able to produce some high quality content. Go to the Reallusion website and look for Reallusion City Beta.