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question about a background

Posted: August 10, 2010
Hi there, me newbie, you awesome Smile.

I went to the bioware website and they have a background image on the main page. it's a fantasy dude on the left and a scifi dude on the right. And some buiding/ruins(?) in the back.

Anyways, how did they make/do this image? I mean, let's assume I'm not stupid, I just have no idea. So I can understand if someone explains for a dummie like me.

For example: how did they create those 2 guys? Is it awesome 2D work / concept arts exclusively? Or they built a high poly 3D model and they took a picture of it. DId they use Photoshop only, or maybe Maya only? Or a combination?

Please shed some light in some easy to understand way. I'm interested in understanding how they managed to start from an empty white page and they ended up with that background? What are the steps you would take to accomplish the same?