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A new Chinese language learning game

Posted: August 05, 2010
Help wanted
My name is Yao. I am a Chinese language teacher in Florida. I have a bachelor degree in computer animation. I have a great idea on creating a game base for Chinese language learning. I have already created a rough draft of the story line and am working on the draft story board and charactersí background. I understand creating a game is not easy and especially an education game. That is where my teaching background comes in handy. I have three years of teaching experiences. Two years of teaching high school Chinese language. This game will help students or even adults to quickly and painlessly learn the Chinese language. I need professionals who can help me out in creating this game. This game has a great potential and could be one of the kind in the game industry. So far I know that I will need a good writer to rewrite the story with a much better English skill and storytelling. I need someone who can draw well for the story board. I need someone who has lots of idea of creating the game level and programmer for the game. I also need computer animator and art director for the game. I need people to help make a rough draft of the game in order to present to a large company for funding. If you are interested in becoming a part owner of the game or have any questions please contact me