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RUNTIAN animation Company look for outsourcing project

Posted: August 05, 2010
Hi,everyone,I'm from Runcg Company.

RUNTIAN animation company was built on September 5th,2007 in Wuhan.Our company which is devoted itself to cartoon culture propagation and cartoon career development is armed wth efficient production and high technology. Our major work is production,publishment,post edition and special effect designment of 3D animated series.We use 3d technology as our design platform,such as MAYA , 3D. Our major products is animated series. Now we have the pre-production department , 3D production department ,post special effect department and writting department , moreover , we will configure studio and recordingstudio in the future. We have a team which is made up by 50 members who study in architecture、landscape science、animation and art , and all of them are graduated from universities or colleges.

Our company is very skilled in outsourcing sercive, including some foreign companies, such as some in Turkey,Nigeria,Morocco,Bengal and so on.Of course we have provide some outsourcing service in China, the most famous is Zhongnan Electric Power Institution Project in Wuhan. With a profound understanding of the project management, art styles, and development technologies of different game art works, our team is committed to providing first-class quality service to our clients.

Services we provide:
Concept drawings of characters, creatures, environment, and props for different games;
3D models and texture creative of Low Poly / High Poly characters, creatures, environment, and props of new-generation games;
3D models and texture creative of characters, creatures, environment, and props for different plat forms including PC, PSP, DS and etc;
3D character rigging and animation, including Lip Synch;
2D game art works;
Optimization of existing assets for conversions.

If you have any questions, donít hesitate to contact us. You will be replied as soon as possible.

Tel: +86 27 87673349

We are looking forward to conducting stable, friendly and win-win cooperation with you!