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Bi-Ped Character Rigger- Maya (unpaid)

Posted: July 14, 2010
none is looking for Bi-Ped Character Rigger- Maya (unpaid)

Job details: I am looking for someone to rig a Smurf character and a Snork Character for me for a parody of \"Inglorious Batards\". I do animated shorts where I place smurfs in modern films. You can search for \"fatmoshe\" on youtube to see my work.

I am prepping for a new short and am remodelling my characters. I HATE rigging, especially the blend shape part. The scene is dialoge heavy and so I need really good control of the facial features.

This is a non-paying job, but you will get a really nice demo-reel piece out of it.

Requirements: Maya

Location: do it from home. we\'ll email each other

Contact info:
email - fatmoshe@aol.com
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