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Low polygonal Centaur 3D model

Posted: February 21, 2006
Low polygonal Centaur 3D model by web3Dservice.com
1554 triangles.
Accurate mesh easy to modify and customize.

Heroic Male Centaur 3D model
Accurate mesh and proportions.
Easy to customize.
3726 triangles

KEYWORDS: centaur centaurus 3d model MYTH mythology human male torso hero heroic low poly real time lowpoly polygonal horse body fantasy character
Posted: December 10, 2009
Why the first one is called low polygonal centaur 3d model and the second one is called heroic male centaur 3d model? Smile

Are these 2 different 3d models? To me they look like the some 3d model one has more polygons than another but they are the same.
Posted: December 10, 2009
As you wrote yourself these 3d models have different number of polygons and different details. Some people may need one option some another, why pay for something more expensive if you need only a part of the product.