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Maya special effects expert

Posted: July 05, 2010
Jesus Is Lord ministries is looking for Maya special effects expert

Starting Date: Immediatly , duration - Untill project is done

Job details: This is a nonprofit Venture being worked on currently by 1 man Who Believes in his heart that God has called him to make a Sort film about a \"Journey To Hell\" That his father had In 1975. Has a book coming out on His experience on August 1st.This might be an opportunity for a little recognition.

The Film will be about 5 min long when complete

The goal is to show a small glimpse of the Afterlife of those in HELL.

Requirements: Needs to know how to make artistically pleasing fire, smoke , lava , geysers, and any other special effects that would be seen In whole transaction and a moving lake of Lava.

Location: At home

Contact info:
email - maddogz123@hotmail.com
phone - 717-360-6331
web site - www.hellsreal.com
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