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New to 3d

Posted: June 22, 2010
I ma new to 3d and torn be wteeen Maya or XSI.I have both programs and I was wondering what u guys like better Maya 2011 or XSI 2011? Do any of u guys use both?
Posted: July 20, 2010
3d artist gallery Andyba
Both programs are really good, so use whichever you like more.
If you enjoy working in any of them you will achieve great results. It is not worth jumping from one program to another, it is better to concentrate on your artistic skills.
Posted: September 01, 2010
CG forums guest
Both 3D softwares are easy to use, easy to learn. They also have same level in terms of quality output, it will depend on your skills.

I suggest using both and continue using the one that is your most preferred software which you are most comfortable working with. Smile
Posted: September 02, 2010
Yeah, both programs are great and have their own advantages but none is better than another. Try both then and choose the one you like most working with.Concentrating on one program will make your work faster Smile
Posted: September 17, 2010
i prefer maya. cause maya seem simpler than xsi
Posted: October 04, 2010
me 2. i prefer maya because i have it and it's simple to learn.. i have some work uploaded using maya on my youtube account.
my youtube account is called TheArkayProductions
Posted: November 07, 2010
All programs are wonderful but you need to find the one you feel comfortable with. They all have their problems so it helps to use the one that fits you the best.