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Searching for modelers-animators (partners)

Posted: June 20, 2010
Student group is looking for Searching for modelers-animators (partners)

Starting Date: as fast as you can, duration - as long as you can

Job details: Hello,

We are group of progressive students who are creating a pc game.
Of course because we are students, we suggest partnership with us instead of cash.
We are looking for modelers(animators) and offering up to 33.33% of the total game share.
As addition you will get a boost your knowledge, practise to work in a crew, and will have a good time in creating game.

More about game...

It is 3d turn based/RPG/SCI - FI/ online game...
We made pretty good progress in technical part so what we need are models
of scenes, artifacts, characters, items, etc.

Current work:
*integrated core 3d engine functionality
*integrated audio & physics libs
*created MySQL server
*created client/server
*created game GUI\'s
*created and tested some scenes with models, basic gameplay through
an internet connection (See video at: )
* some more stuff such as administrating tool for artifacts, shop in the game and etc.

Basically the video shows our current work done http://stud.if.ktu.lt/~gailius.audrius/video.avi

Now working on:
NAT punchthrough
Some graphical issues like better objects loadings, for more FPS and etc.

We search for:
Modelers/animators who could supply with models & game assets.
Models up to ~6k polys for chars, scenes around ~50k polys & more, with basic
diffuse maps, and not necessarily(but preffered) specular, alpha or normalmaps of size 2k or bigger.

If you are interested please write to email: zaidimokurimas@yahoo.com
We prefer communication via skype. Our Skype nick is: audryste

Looking forward for new crew members.

once again game representation video: http://stud.if.ktu.lt/~gailius.audrius/video.avi

Location: originally we are from Lithuania... but where are your from it is not important as we can comunicate through internet

Contact info:
email - zaidimokurimas@yahoo.com
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