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I zombie - help required

Posted: June 14, 2010
Brief description:

Stick it to the man and over run his city! ‘I Zombie’ puts you in the shoes of Campbell. After a hard day's work at the city morgue, where he was given his final warning for trying to film his B movie on government time, Campbell sets off home angry and hungry. Tucking in to his unfinished lunch on the subway, he unfortunately finds the bramble chutney in his sandwich has been mixed up at the morgue with something a little more sinister! Now he's the source of all things zombie-ish and in the centre of his very own horror film!

‘I Zombie’ is a RTS style puzzle/management game where you plot and lay plans to take over the city by eating the brains of others and grooming your zombie hoard. However, it's not all roses being a zombie. You are far from safe in the urban jungle as everyone from 'Have A Go Heroes' to 'Zealous Religious Nutters' come looking for some payback! And that’s even before the government wakes up and smells the brain juice!

Campbell has his work cut out for him to keep his simple minded new chums from meeting another untimely demise.

Target aim:

Freeware plain and simple. Goal is to 'finish it'

Nope. Not at this point. If a programmer needs tools I will pay for required/needed off the shelf products. I will also pay or web space etc.


platform PC. language, C++ 3D engine (Ogre3D) and sound engine (Fmod)

Talent needed:

3d modellers - There will be a high level of 'simple' models to be done in a cartoon fashion. Please take a good look at the reference materials and see if it fits your style. There is a lot of models to produce in time but for now we are only looking for about 4 for the first milestone test.

Should be able to commit long term, with high level work.

Game should be on a poly level par with torchlight, approaching 1000 entities active on 1 level. Iso camera with limited tilt.

Animators - I would like a animation student or similar to do all the animation. Someone who has studied motion extensively - as the models will be simple. So expressive and outlandish animation will bring the world alive.

Texture Artist - Looking for a very comic book/holy cow batman thing happening so looking for 1 man to handle this so everything is uniform and sexy. Also to skin/reskin items/models. This will include fx in the manor of cell graphics (see example in XIII for the game cube)

Team structure:

Graeme Patrick - Concept Artist/Sculptor/3d modeler/flash animation
Programmers - Olivier Vaillancourt - Secured (Game Credited Pro & lecturer)
3d modelers - needed
Texture Artist - needed
Animator - needed
Musical Genius - Secured
Webmaster - needed


none as yet

Previous Work by Team:

Although I haven't struck out to do the likes of this before I have worked on and still work on UFO:CF (x-com remake) and I have lead teams of people on projects on a freelance capacity many times (I'm a freelance model maker as a job for about 5 years now.)

Programmers's credits can be seen here -

Games Credited
The Lord of the Rings: Conquest (2009), Electronic Arts, Inc.
Iron Man (2008), SEGA of America, Inc.
Disney's Kim Possible: Global Gemini (2007), Buena Vista Games, Inc.
Drake & Josh: Talent Showdown (2007), THQ Inc.
High School Musical: Makin' the Cut (2007), Disney Interactive Studios

concept art can be seen on the help wanted on gamedev

Additional Info:

You will be required to sign a release contract for all work provided. This is a must point, if you are not willing to do this then I'm sorry we can't play together Sad This is just to give me the legal right to use your work for the game - I wouldn’t own it just have the right to use it. You will retain the ownership and then everyone knows where they stand - no gray areas.

The game may contain tasteless non-sense like unashamedly big breasted women, slakeless bloody sugar fueled zombie hoards and stereotypes throughout. Pulp Culture references and the odd groan worthy crap joke will pop up hopefully.

Initially the goal is to create a test set that will showcase and test the mechanics for the game. I'm not looking for a finished game by any means at this stage, the priority goes to programmers to find a working and well functioning solution to the response system in the game. There will be a high volumes of models in play at any one time which should be taken into account. A mock up of what the structure of the game may look like is below. And please read through the added word Doc as it contain most of the logic reaction system ideas.

3d models are simple and cartoon styled - this is for higher rate of output and reskining.