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[Request] Japanese Cherry Tree Model for a School Applicatio

Posted: June 11, 2010
Hi, im looking for someone who could make a Japanese Cherry Tree Model for free...

The thing is, im wanting to become a game programming student at an academy, and am currently working on my application wich is a program im writing with DirectX.

Ive had bad luck finding a cherry tree model anywhere on the interenet, even in thos "payed" model packs. Every tree ive found is not very pretty. Mostly because the trunk and branches are awfull low quality, like generated tree's.

What im looking for is a 3D model of a tree that looks somthing along the lines of the refrence links at the end of this post. It should be around 1M - 1.6M polys. But mostly that high due to the leaf count. But ofc the trunk and branches need to be good looking too. Im aiming for realistic.
This tree will be rendered inside my application at real time. I could imagin someone doing it in Zbrush for example, but your tools is ofc up to you.

I would realy be greatful if someone could help me out. I cant offer money, but if there is anything else I could offer in return, id be more than happy to do so. If you are a freelancer I could imagin adding your logo into my startup splash screen. Thats what im doing for a music composer that is helping me out. Considering this application will be looked at by professional programmers/game designers that work in companys like Crytek and Nintendo. Im sure this could be a chance to promote your work.
This is a link to the academy im applying too: http://www.games-academy.de/
Now my application is actualy suppose to display my game design "Omega". So im actualy presenting both my programming and game designing skills. I also plan on making this game in the last 2 years of my stay at the academy. So I could probaly use your tree model as the main menu background, and include your name in the credits, wich means that this could also be displayed at game event like the games convention in germany and other places. But this is of course if everything goes well in my future.

As for now, I realy need someone to help me out with this. Here are the refrence image of how the tree should overall look like:

a blossom:
h t t p : / / a5.vox . com/6a00d09e561ae2be2b00d4141ca525685e-500pi
trunk style:

Alltho, id like it if the trunk was thicker and the overall tree bigger. So basicly a person could stand underneath it. But thats how it should be shaped. You could make a very high poly version inside ZBrush or the sort, then bake out the depth map. So I can use it to do a bump map and relief map. Then take the model and make it around 1-1.6million polys. or less if the quality stays the same. As in quality, I dont mean bark detail in the mesh, because that is added with the relief map. But it should be smooth and have a very nice shape.

Thank you sooo much if you are willing to give this a try!

(sorry for forcing links, but I see no other way of sharing this info outways)