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Fighting Game Project looking for artists

Posted: June 04, 2010
Team name:
Open Fighting Project Team

Project name:
Open Fighting Project

Brief description:

The purpouse of this project is the creation of a community for the development of an open fighting video game, created by the community for the community. Any contribution to the videogame will be appreciated such as new ideas, programming, modelling, animation or texturing, i.e. contributing to the different parts of the videogame.

As the game is expected to be freely developed by an open community, it will not be exploited economically and will be completely accessible by the community. Any other action about this topic will be decided by the community itself.

Open Fighting Game (OFG) is a 3D fighting game for PC for two players by selecting two fighters among a variety of characters. It is of the same style in overall as Street Fighter, Tekken or Virtua Fighter.

Characters use different fighting styles which completely determines the variety of movements they can execute. The gameplay system does not specify punch or kick buttons, but the intensity of each attack. This way, attacks of a player with a boxing style would be all punch, but attacks of a fighter which uses taekwondo could be all kicks.

Target aim:
Free game in principle.

If the Project get's sold the outcome will be split, depending on the time each Team member has worked on the Project.

Own game engine technology. Engine is ready and the base code of the game already developed. You can check a video on the primary website of the project:

Talent needed:
We are primarily looking for 2D and 3D artists as well as for musicians.
Tasks involved:
- Character sketching
- Character modelling
- Character texturing
- Character animating
- Scenario sketching
- Scenario modelling
- Scenario texturing
- Music composing for each scenario/character
- Sound creation for actions

openfighter [DOT] wordpress [DOT] com

from there you'll get to our Forum

jesusgumbau [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Additional Info:
*** Influences ***
- Street Fighter 2
- Tekken
- Virtua Fighter
- Art of Fighting
- King of Fighters

*** Plot ***

Year 2210. Human civilization finally established contact with extraterrestrial life forms and the amount of known alien races is growing every day.

That year a signal from the outter part of the galaxy was intercepted. This fact would initiate one of the greatest quests in the history of the known universe. That signal, some thousand centuries old, speaks about a civilization of ultra-advanced aliens, called the Aenor, that after several ages managed to create a revolutionary technology fruit of their exquisitely evolved minds. This technology permits to elevate to its highest level the abilities of that who uses it, so that, in the same way that a scientist would expand the limits of his intelligence, a warrior would become a true god of war.

That provoked that warriors of uncountable civilizations to start a quest for finding the source of all power: Aenor’s technology to become the highest exponent of the supreme art of combat and they will fight for that right.

*** Characters ***
You can find information about the proposed characters here:
openfighter [DOT] wordpress [DOT] com

*** Game system ***
openfighter [DOT] wordpress [DOT] com

You can send a mail jesusgumbau [AT] gmail [DOT] com to or better drop a line in the forums.
Posted: December 31, 2010
We are still looking for artists. Please, take a look at the first post link for more information.

Posted: January 06, 2011
We are looking for more artists to join our 3D fighting game team.

Essentially we are looking for animators (a figthing game needs lots of animations!)

Please, consider joining or team or submitting a microcontribution f you don't have enough time.

You can check out the current state of the game on the webpage:

openfighter [DOT] wordpress [DOT] com

Hope you like the project.