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Texturer Needed For "Tremors" Mod

Posted: May 27, 2010
I'm currently working to create npc's for an addon for the Source-based "Garry's Mod" of content to do with the "Tremors" monster film series.

We had a great texturer for a time, but he eventually fell out and went awol on us, leaving some half-finished work and putting us back at a serious disadvantage. The models are finished and almost entirely rigged, all of them UVW unwrapped, one even animated, and our coder is a legend among the Garry's Mod community. The textures are a major selling point, and I'm really not good enough of a 2d artist to do the job myself (tried, and I really suck). I've advertised this need at our forums, but the Tremors films are too niche' to attract many more interested parties.

So here I am, sending an open call for help to anyone with the skill, the time, the interest or the boredom to want to have a crack at texturing four movie monsters of various sizes, features and themes. I can't offer you much more than to be credited, but I imagine it won't take too much aside from accuracy to impress me.

A thread at our forums ought to provide enough information and reference to start with, but for anyone interested, I can and will send .obj files of the models to you for easy reference and tweaking during the texturing, rather than sending it only to realize bad alignments or placements exist in crucial areas. Unfortunately, this forum is barring me from providing the proper link, and as I'm not going to hunt down places to post 15 times, I'll PM the link and materials to anyone who asks.

I promise there is no real rush, and that if all you have time for is a single creature, then that's fine, although seeing consistency in work and style among all of the textures would obviously be preferable.

Thanks in advance, and I hope to hear from you!