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Acropora release candidate available

Posted: May 14, 2010
Acropora (1.0.0012 RC1) Release candidate is now available for download from Voxelogic.

Acropora is a procedural voxel modeler for creating complex, organic mesh topologies that are useful for all types of 3D modeling applications. Acropora incorporates some of the latest advances in voxel modeling technology. Features include:

- A widevariety of base shapes and compound shapes as primary surfaces
- User-defined surfaces
- Voxelisation of user imported models
- Over 50+ volume modifiers
- Automatic generation of up to 15 octaves of three-dimensional noise (volumetric, Perlin and fractal)
- Extensive voxel and noise editing tools
- Extensive post-processing of meshes (tesselation, smoothing, simplification,...)
- Batch processing
- Multiple LOD support
- Export to multiple mesh formats, DDS volume textures, and raw voxel data

Additions and improvements:
- General undo function
- Improved GUI design (new Tools pane)
- Lofts & grooves (for generating spline-controlled volumes)
- Extrude & bore
- Fall-off for regions
- Added flat-bottom filter
- Added taper modifier
- Carving pen (with cube, sphere and conical chisels)
- Mesh smoothing enhancements
- Completely revamped object removal tool (for removing those unsightly polygon artifacts). Now faster and with filtering options.
- Added transforms to base objects (plane, cylinder, sphere, metaballs)
- Tool to apply walls along world-space boundaries where there is solid material.
- Manual position control of regions and geometric modifiers.
- Enhanced 3D spike modifier
- Transformations (rotation+translation) added to the following modifiers: helix, rings, wave, ripple, river/canyon, spikes, gravity well, cube, cylinder, torus, radial fingers, cone,.
- Comprehensive help file

canyon_pond_7_med.jpg terrain_2.jpg karst_1.jpg
Posted: July 23, 2010
3d artist gallery Andyba
Hello tncomp,
Is Acropora good only for terrains?

Here is a nice video I found on youtube with Acropora in action:
Posted: November 22, 2010
Do you have a Linux version of Acropora?
Thank you.
Posted: November 23, 2010
I was reading about it and testing demo once. It's rather for terrains but watching movies on YT to see what can be done in it you may find some ideas to use it for some freaky surrealistic stuff Wink