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Need some advice for future 3D career!?

Posted: May 13, 2010
Hey everyone,

I basically want to ask advice from people who have been in my situation before. I graduate in July with a Honours degree in graphics and animation, im really into the 3D scene at the moment and have been refining my 3D Studio Max skills for about a year now. Unfortunately i didnt realise untill later on in my university career that it was 3D graphics i wanted to persue, therefore i dont have a great portfolio, only bits and bobs i have been practising with.
But to get to the point im just wondering if it would be best for me to work on my portfolio for the next few months before i try for any jobs such as architectural visualisation? Am i right in saying companys want to see what you have done first? As i have not got hardly anything to show that has a 'wow' factor as of yet!

Any advice would be great!

Thanks Very Happy
Posted: May 16, 2010
Alright, I typed an over complicated reply, but have removed it with these simple things to keep in mind.

1. Keep it simple, stupid. (thanks becker and suzanne, shakes head)
Companies go through hundreds of portfolios, DVD/CDs, Websites, etc. Show them works for the position you are applying. If the job is 3D architecture/environment design show them 3D architecture/environment designs and 3D renders, but keep it short and sweet.

2. Don't ever show them WIPs, work in progress.
What too easy, oh you would be surprised my friend.

You can give them a business card along with your portfolio that has a blog address or an artist page with WIPs.

3. Presentation
Remember you are trying to sell yourself. You need to show them why they are investing money in you.

4. Show your work to Joe, Bob, Jane, and yes even little boy William.
I read some where, don't remember where, showing your work to everyone, not just people wanting to be in the industry or already is in the industry, will get you strong critiques, VALUABLE CRITIQUES. This is also from the same source, going to quote it even though its not 100% accurate lol, "..remember the people out there are the audience. You are entertaining them, selling to them, your ideas."

I finished my junior projects for the year. It's a jungle kid sneaking around a temple in the jungle. I added sound to the animation. Showed my friends at school they loved it. Showed my instructors, besides the lighting and animation, they liked. Showed it to my wife, "Why is he making so much noise? He reads to me as sneaking, but his footsteps are loud." BAM! See what I mean.

5. If ever you get confused about what you should put in your portfolio or how much you need in it refer to number 1. Keep it Simple, Stupid.

Now, with all of this said...I am no professional. These are tidbits that I have collected over the years, from magazines, instructors, professionals that visit our schools, etc. I MORE than welcome any corrections to what I have said here, I mean shoot it will only help.

Hope that helps a little.
Posted: May 16, 2010
3d artist gallery Andyba
It depends what is your financial situation at the moment. If you can afford it, go for portfolio. If not you can create your portfolio while working for some architectural visualisation company that is not really demanding. Anyway sending your CV to a lot of 3d design companies never hurts. You will have to provide an example of your work anyway, so if you have nothing but a rendered teapot in 3ds max you still need to spend a week or so to do something worthy.
Posted: May 16, 2010
OH to add....I am spending four months of summer to work up a nice portfolio and hopefully for the last year of school come out with more works for portfolio. Wish me luck Very Happy.