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3D Game need level designer and character modeler.

Posted: May 12, 2010

As said in the title, I'm searching for artists to join my project in order to complete my 3D game which is relatively new, I'm working on it alone since seven months. It's playable but there is no real fun in it as it's not nice yet!

Who am I ?
I'm a musician, guitarists composer (somehow singer) for more than ten years and mixing, mastering my music creation that I'm currently using for the game.
A coder. I learnt to program at uni (six years ago) and currently enlarging that skill on the 3D engine that I use for the game.
Modeler and texturer since two years. I learnt that myself on my free time following training and reading books...

Who can help me ?
Character creator, world designor, rigger, animator and the like...
The game's world will not be huge, many rooms. I'm just asking for a good sence of imagination and that's it!

I wanted to inclued few pictures to provide an overview but the antispam protection don't allow me to do that!

If you want to be part of a serious project, feel free to PM me.
Needless to say that your art will not be forgetten: I aim to make it commercial and, of course, you'll get a part of the cake... If cake there is Wink