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How did you got started with 3D!!!

Posted: May 06, 2010
Actually, I almost never got to do 3D at all. I originally saw myself taking Creative Advertising in College, since I thought that was the field where I could best apply my love for drawing. Back then, 3D animation was not quite as big as it is today. After going through different courses the college offered, I came across a 3D animation course. It ended up becoming a draw between that or Creative Advertising, but I eventually chose the former rather than the latter. To this very day, I still thank my lucky stars that I chose what I chose because I have heard from a few friends in advertising that it is in a slump right now.
Posted: June 26, 2010
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I was fond of drawing and painting since I was a kid, and I had the opportunity to play with 3d studio 4 for DOS, when I was 15.
I loved it. That's how it all started for me.
Posted: July 10, 2010
I played with flash when I was about 12 liked it but the cumputer I worked on got taken away
and then one day when I was about 18 I think I got super board and depressed and popped in maya PLE(I think thats what the trial versions called ) and was hocked
Posted: July 22, 2010
I was just fascinated by VFX in movies. And I was looking forward to learn how to do it.
Posted: August 26, 2010
I always love the fact that in animation there are no limits, your character can walk on clouds or everything!Very Happy
I'm 18 now, and I'm looking for a School of animation... Rolling Eyes
Posted: August 27, 2010
In 3D animation you can do everything you want, that is the primary advantage. Even your wildest imagination, you can express it through animation. You can also explore new things, new possibilities.

I like what you said Val-R, there are no limits Smile
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Posted: August 30, 2010
I've been drawing since I was a kid. Choosing high school I've chosen to learn something I'll really like so I've chosen art with specialisation in design. I've been fascinated with 2D graphics and animation there but one day friend of mine showed me 3ds. I did'nt like it then, it looked too complicated for me then Wink But my younger brother who was playng with Flash then looked at it and was totally amazed and after some time his fascination infected me Very Happy I always loved every kind of art and I just couldn't resist Wink
Posted: March 03, 2011
Do you think it's never too late for me to learn 3D animation. I'm 21 already.
Posted: March 04, 2011
It's never too late! In fact 21 is pretty early Smile Don't worry - not everyone started animation as child progidys!
Posted: April 11, 2011
im 12 does anyone think i have a chance of animation?